History of Aqua's Logo, The Most Famous Mineral Water Brand in Indonesia

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If you are an Indonesian, you must have definitely heard of Aqua (www.aqua.com).  Aqua, is a brand of bottled watered with the biggest sales in Indonesia and is one of the most well known in Indonesia. In fact, it is famous enough that Indonesian refered to the word Aqua to every bottled water no mather what is their brand.
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Aqua is produced by Aqua Golden Mississipi in Indonesia since 1973. Not only in Indonesia, Aqua is also for sale in Singapore. In Indonesia, there are 14 factory that produces Aqua. Since 1998, Aqua were also owneb by a multi-national company from France, Danone, which are the result of Aqua Golden Mississippi and Danone company cooperation.

AQUA were iniciated by Tirto Utomo, a Wonosobo local residence who quit his job from Pertamina (Indonesian’s government oil provider) then build a mineral water company. Tirto were highly contributing for the growth of the bottled water business in Indonesia, for as a iniciator ,he has suceeded to introduce the value and the opinion of bottled water business Indonesia.

The History of AQUA’s brand

The shape of AQUA’s logo were made by Eulindra Lim an Indonesian designer who lived in Singapore. On 1973, Tirto Utomo the founder of AQUA, requested Eulindra Lim to createthe brand of his bottled water’s brand. Its main first concept were “puritas” which is the Indonesian for purity.

When the concept were given to Eulindra Lim unexpectedly another briliant idea were porposed. Eulindra stated:”Why are’nt we using AQUA fo the brand’s name?”

There are two reasons of the idea. First, AQUA own a high association to the product of a bottled water which pure water. Yes, in chemistry the word AQUA refers to  pure water. Second, AQUA is easily pronounced and remembered.
The Old Logo of Aqua

Tirto spontaneusly agreed to the idea and the idea of AQUA’s brand design and this design are now very well known, altough there have been a view changes made or even evolutions done till its present condition. The one thing that becomes the biggest strength of AQUA’s brand design is it’s font that seems so unique and allready proven to survive till its present condition and now it has become an unquestionable  identity. We could easily recognize AQUA with its font, just the way we could easily recognize COCA COLA’s  unique font.

The Newest Logo of Aqua
The important lesson from AQUA’s logo is that: when we see the logo design (font design dan its color scheme)  we kept one thing in mind, which is pure water. So, to all of you brand identity desainer, while you are designing a logo, give your client one thing to keep in mind. Just like how Apple with its bite mark, Mercedes with its tripple star, or even Nike with its check mark.

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